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Blockchain ≠ Cryptocurremcy

We are here to solve the common misconception! That Blockchain isn't all about Cryptocurrency and ICOs.

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For the longest time that we can remember, 90% of the "crypto investors" invests into ICOs and irrelevant crypto projects based on the hype and speculations that surround it - without deep and thorough understanding on the projects itself. When the market hits a dump, it will be 1997-2001 all over again. Blockvital serves as the middle ground for the common man to get up to speed with relevant crypto and blockchain knowledge. At the same time, for businesses to understand how the blockchain can severely impact and aid their businesses. To reduce operating costs, increase top line revenue and building a sustainable business for the future. Blockvital holds and organises frequent public and corporate talks for interested parties to understand more about this tech. Blockvital is also the official Educator of Blockspace Asia.

About Our Founder

Chow Pak Teng

Gaining his business roots from the traditional retail and F&B sectors. Pak started out his career early by franchising one of the most popular Frozen Yoghurt brands in the whole of Asia and Europe. And assisted the process of it’s steady expansion throughout the region. As the business world started to evolve so rapidly with the assistance of the internet, he quickly realized the need to solve many gaps that were present in the social media space. Together with his team, they created Jibber - a social media app that allows users to to retain their anonymity at the same time releasing themselves from social prejudice. This project was also supported by SPRING Singapore, aided by the ACE startup fund. In more recent years, with upcoming technologies like Blockchain, IoT, AI, VR etc which will shape and evolve of the internet - Pak is involved in bringing this technology to the common folk, for them to understand how many industries have already been
disrupted. Urging more people to adopt new tech, and not to be left behind like dinosaurs. His latest project, Blockvital - which is an educational platform for all to learn about blockchain and how people can leverage on it to build the businesses of tomorrow.

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